Hominy Products

A staple in many traditional Mexican dishes like Posole (or Pozole), hominy is corn that has been dried, had its outer shell removed and then is soaked causing it to puff up. Pronounced: “HAHM-uh-nee” - it is also utilized in the Southern United States for recipes such as hominy bread, casseroles and hominy chili. It can also be ground coarsely to make hominy grits or masa, a dough regularly used in Latin American cuisine. Recently hominy has become a featured addition in many soups and salads adding great texture and fiber.

At Teasdale Foods we are known for our delicious hominy! We start with only the highest quality corn specifically grown for us in the fertile farmland of Central California. Additionally, we offer four varieties of hominy so that your authentic family recipes and your innovative new dishes are limited only by your creativity. The different tastes, sizes and colors of our hominy will surely generate new unique recipes that will please your family and friends.