At Teasdale Foods, our commitment to sustainability can be seen in our record of eco-friendly stewardship.  We know that being earth-friendly is not only good for our business; it’s good for our community.

OUR KEY AREAS OF FOCUS INCLUDE: iStock_000014289744Small

WATER USAGE – our waste water is distributed to local farmers for feed crop

WASTE DISPOSAL – our solid food waste is distributed to local farmers for use as cattle feed and our ongoing recycling programs minimize our use of landfill space

RESOURCE CONSUMPTION – we have worked to transition the majority of our customers to tray packs thereby reducing the amount of corrugate we use

ENERGY – we have updated our systems and insulation in order to reduce our energy consumption

We are proud of our sustainability accomplishments thus far and continually look for additional ways to improve our resource stewardship.  At Teasdale Foods we are committed to protecting the planet for future generations.